About Us

Hi there! I am Anna, the artist and designer behind Mochigardens 🍞 Mochigardens started off as a passion project during the Covid-19 lockdown but has since grown into a full-time job. 

Back in 2020, Mochigardens started off as a tiny, cozy family - Taro, Miso & Matcha which has since grown to include Cookie, Capy & Munch! I love designing products centered around their everyday lives and daily shenanigans and truly hope they bring a smile to your faces
(๑´• .̫ •ू`๑)

It's been an incredible journey starting off with handmaking stickers from our small home studio to expanding our merchandise line to include accessories and lifestyle products. I can't wait to create even more and better goodies in future <3 
Thank you so much for stopping by our cozy bakery and I hope you enjoy your stay here! 🌱 

Me in Japan '23  (°◡°♡)