Shop Policy

My order came with missing items. What should I do?

We're very sorry about that! Please immediately send us an email with information regarding the issue and we will assist you as soon as possible. 


Can I make a(n) refund/exchange/return?

We are very sorry but we have a very strict no refund/exchange/return policy. However, should there be any issues with your order, please do not hesitate to approach us for assistance! 


There is an issue with my order! What can I do?

Please send us an email with your order details and the issue, as well as relevant proof and we will work out a solution with you 💕


Do you collect tax on my behalf?

All customers are responsible for their own taxes. Please note that should a customer fail to pay taxes, resulting in the order having to be resent, the additional shipping costs will have to be solely borne by the customer, thank you for your kind understanding!


Can I pay via Paynow/Paylah instead?

Yes you can! There are payment instructions provided at checkout, if you have any other questions regarding it, please feel free to direct them at us!

For customers who choose this option, please kindly make payment within 15 minutes of placing the order. Customers who fail to pay will be blacklisted from the shop to ensure fairness to other customers who paid on time. Please be considerate to others as you are holding on to stock others might want to purchase, thank you for your kind understanding! 


Shipping Policy

Why do you not ship to ___?

If you'll like to place an order but find that we do not ship to your country, please let us know immediately and we will see what we can do! 💕


How long will my order take to reach me?

In general, processing times are usually up to 1 week, though it may take as long as 2 weeks due to unexpected circumstances.

Singapore orders usually take up to 1-2 weeks to arrive while international orders may take as long as 1 month or longer to arrive :( 


Why has my order not arrived? / Where is my order?

If you chose the untracked shipping option, there is unfortunately, no way to track where it currently is.

If your order is tracked and has not arrived for an extended period of time, we highly encourage contacting your local post office/courier on it's whereabouts as your package will be out of our control once it has been shipped.  


Why is my order undelivered despite its tracking status being marked as delivered?

Sometimes, orders may be marked as delivered even before it has arrived! If you are concerned about a tracking status, please drop us an email with your order number and we can make an enquiry on your behalf. Though, please understand that orders are out of our control once they have been shipped! :"(


Will you replace/refund lost packages?

For international orders, as we now offer tracked shipping, any non-tracked orders that go missing will not be able to be replaced/refunded. Please select tracked shipping instead to avoid missing packages! We may offer refunds/replacements to missing tracked packages depending on a case-by-case basis! ^^


What happens if my order gets returned?

If your order gets returned back to me regardless of reason (eg wrong address, undeliverable etc), the customer will be liable to pay the additional shipping fees to resend the order.


Do you ship to EU?

Yes we now do both flat mail and small package shipping to the EU! However, please note that as Shopify does not provide IOSS numbers, you may have to pay taxes upon receiving the items! 


If you have any other questions that are not listed in the FAQ, please feel free to direct them to us via our contact form or drop us an email! Thank you so much ^^